We are looking for partners to develop About Jacky with us. Therefore, we offer an exclusive partner program for a short period of time.

Our offer for you:

We develop 3 stories with 3 protagonists on a topic of your choice. We create 3 high quality videos including an analysis and quantitative validation of the Jobs to be Done. You only pay the costs for the recruitment, our working time is completely free of charge for you. You can decide which protagonists and stories we should focus on  and thus ensure that the stories are relevant to you.

This offer is perfect for you if you:

want to offer a new product in a subject area that you don’t yet know very well

want to discover new business opportunities in an existing business area

you are planning a design sprint and you want to provide input about your customers or prospects

About Jacky offers you close insights into the stories of your potential customers. These are stories that stick and thus motivate the team to develop user-centric innovations. Through the JTBD approach, stories are systematized and quantified, so you can make sure you’re investing your time on the right topics.

Approach and costs:


To create the three stories, 10 people are first recruited via a jointly created screener. You will receive short video clips from these 10 people and you can choose which of these people are interesting and whose story should be followed up. We are also happy to advise you here


Up to 5 people will then be shortlisted. With these people we go into the closer preparation for the in-depth interviews. We also check if the energy is right for both parties. If yes, then it goes into the shooting days. 


After the interviews are completed, the JBTD of the protagonists are systematically analyzed. The elaborated JBTD are quantified in a survey with 300 participants.

The cost of recruiting and incentives for the participants is 4500 Euro (excl. VAT).

After the study, the videos will be shared with you. However, we remain the owner of the videos and have the right to use them for other projects.

Would you rather be the owner of the videos? No problem!

You can also book us for individual projects. We will be happy to advise you on this. Please get in contact via hello@aboutjacky.de

About Jacky

People stories for product inspiration

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